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Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America

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Ten other Albanian Orthodox [[parish]]es incorporated under Bp. Theofan's Archdiocese and two parishes persisted in an "independent" status.
In 1965 at the passing of Bp. Theofan, without an Archdiocesan nomination and under the cloud of Communist influence, the Church of Albania consecrated his successor, Bp. [[Stephen (Lasko)of Boston|Stephen (Lasko)]], who was not accepted throughout the Archdiocese and who likewise could not gain canonical recognition by the other Orthodox jurisdictions in North America. The situation was further irritated by the complete public suppression of all religious communities in Albania, with only the most stalwart Orthodox believers maintaining a clandestine liturgical life.
Bp. Mark and the Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America reasserted their status as the lone canonical Albanian Orthodox jurisdiction in the Americas. By October 1971, with the acceptance of Bp. Stephen and the Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America as a [[Albanian Archdiocese (OCA)|constituent diocese]] of the [[OCA]], the canonical controversy was ended.

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