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Flavian (Gorodetsky) of Kiev

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On [[June 6]], 1873, Fr. Flavian was assigned as a member of the Russian Orthodox Mission in Beijing, China. At the time the mission was restrained from active evangelism and functioned as a semi-diplomatic station between the Chinese and Russian governments. For the next ten years Fr. Flavian engrossed himself in the missionary service at the mission. He eagerly, learned both spoken and written Chinese language. He then continued the work of translating the prayer and service books into Chinese as well as collecting and editing the documents that had been translated previously. Additionally, he produced documents useful in the business affairs of the mission.
With the departure of the mission head, Archimandrite [[Pallady(Kafarov) of Beijing|Pallady]], Fr. Flavian was raised to the dignity of archimandrite and appointed on [[January 2]], 1879, head of the mission. Using the knowledge of Chinese he had attained, he, with his two assistants, Frs. Nicholas Adorutsky and Alex Vinogardoff, began conducting the religious services at the mission in Chinese. This resulted in an increase in the number of Chinese Orthodox. He also continued the work of his predecessor who had been working on a Chinese-Russian dictionary.
Under Archimandrite Flavian’s leadership the candidate for the first Chinese Orthodox priest was prepared for ordination. In June 1882, a party of Archimandrite Flavian, his candidate, [[Mitrophan Ji]], and two candidates for reader traveled to Tokyo, Japan. On [[June 20]], 1882, Bishop [[Nicholas of Japan]] ordained Mitrophan a deacon, followed on [[June 29]] as a priest.

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