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Damaskinos the Stoudite

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'''Damaskinos Stouditis, the Stoudite''' (Gr. Δαμασκηνός , ὁ Στουδίτης) was a patriarchal [[exarch ]] of Aitolia. He was born in Thessaloniki and was a student of Th. the famous [[Theophanes Eleavoulkos ]] in Constantinople. Later in 1564, he became the [[Bishop ]] of Liti and Rendini. He continued his career as [[Metropolitan ]] of Nafpaktos and Arta and some years later as Patriarchal exarch of Aitolia. He died in 1577.
==External linksLife==*He is generally thought to have been born ca. 1530-1535 and [[http://wwwbaptism|baptised]] with the name Demetrios.historicalmacedoniaHe refers to himself in his own works as a "Thessalonikeus"" and is therefore assumed to have been born in List The adjective "Stoudite" is given as an honourary title of Great Macedonians the period indicating that he was a scholar. He studied in the Patriarchal Academy (15th-19th centuryGr. Πατριαρχικὴ Ἀκαδημὶα)of Constantinople during the reign of the Patriarch Jeremia I and Dionysios II and is also known to have traveled widely including [[Mount Athos]], Meteora, Naupaktos and Arta, Russia and [[Venice]]. He was a major influential figure of the sixteenth century and also a well-known teacher.
Up to 1546, little biographical information of his life has survived. Between 1550 to 1559 it seems that his time was divided between Constantinople and the monasteries of [[Meteora]] in Thessaly of Greece.  He is well known for his book, ''[[Thesaurismata (Damaskinos)|Thesaurismata]]'' (Gr. Θησαυρίσματα). During 1565-1572 he traveled to Kiev as a representative of Patriarch Metrophaness III and in 1574 became the Metropolitan of Naupaktos and Arta and subsequently died in 1577. ==See also==* Patriarch [[Jeremias II Tranos of Constantinople|Jeremias II]], student of Damaskinos the Stoudite ==Works==1) Χρονικὸν (Khronikon) 2) Κατάλογος Χρονογραφικὸς τῶν Πατριαρχῶν Κωνσταντινουπόλεως ὑπὸ Δαμασκηνοῦ (Στουδίτου) (History of the Patriarchs of Constantinople by Damαskenos (the Stoudite)) 3) Thesaurus, which consists of thirty-six homilies he had pronounced (~1557-1558)   [[Category:Bishops]][[Category:Bishop16th-century bishops]]

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