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[[Image: MirozhskyMonastery.JPG|left|thumb|250px|Mirozhsky Monastery on the Velikaya River in Pskov, Russia.]]
For greater Russia, Pskov was a bridge with Scandinavia and western Europe. As a western outpost of Russia, it was subject to numerous attacks throughout its history. The kremlin withstood 26 sieges during the fifteenth century alone. At one point, five stone walls surrounded the city, making it practically impregnable. A local school of [[iconography|icon-painting]] that continues to flourish at the [[Mirozhsky Monastery (Pskov)|Mirozhsky Monastery]], and local stonemasons were considered the best in Russia. Many of the unique features of Russian architecture originated in Pskov, and numerous [[church]]es and monasteries are located in the city and surrounding countryside.
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