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Jesus Christ

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Historians agree that Jesus Christ was born <ref>The [[Nativity]] of Christ is celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox church [[December 25]] (New Calendar) and [[ ]] (Old Calendar).</ref> in Bethlehem to [[Theotokos|Mariam]]<ref> Mariam, the Virgin [[Theotokos]], was the daughter of [[Ioachim]] and [[Anna]], who were descendants of King [[Righteous David|David]].</ref> nine months after the [[Annunciation]]. The timing of His birth has been dated between 749 and 754 from the foundation of the city of Rome<ref>The accepted chronology AD (Anno Domini) begins from the year 754, from the foundation of Rome.</ref>.
What is known about the events of Jesus Christ is described 's life, miracles and conversations are documented by the four books of the [[Gospels]]<ref> The four Evangelists [[Matthew]], [[Mark]], [[Luke]] and [[John]].</ref>.

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