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Jesus Christ

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== History ==
Historians agree that Jesus Christ was born <ref>The [[Nativity]] of Christ is celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox church [[December 25]] (New Calendar) and [[ ]] (Old Calendar).</ref> in Bethlehem to [[Theotokos|Mariam]] <ref> Mariam, the Virgin [[Theotokos]], was the daughter of [[Ioachim ]] and [[Anna]], who were descendants of King [[Righteous David|David]].</ref> nine months after the [[Annunciation]]. Historians refer to the time The timing of the His birth as the years has been dated between 749 and 754 from the foundation of the city of Rome. The accepted chronology AD (Anno Domini) begins from the year 754, from the foundation of Rome. What is known about Jesus Christ is described by the four books of the [[Gospels]]<ref> The four Evangelists [[Matthew]], [[Mark]], [[Luke]] and [[John]].</ref>.

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