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Canon law

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'''Canon law''' is the tradition of the canonical legislation , which governs Orthodox Church life. It touches on every area of Church life, including [[Ecclesiology]], [[Liturgy]], and [[Ethics]]. Although generally referred to as canon law, it is more correctly referred to in the Orthodox community as the ''tradition of the holy canons''. This law, the canonical tradition, involves persons who are invested with authority (such as bishops) enabled with the means of creating, formulating, interpreting, executing, validating, amending and revoking these ''laws'' through synodical or conciliar action:.
== See also ==
* [[John Zonaras]] (11th c.)* [[Theodore IV of Antioch|Theodore Balsamon]] (12th c.)* [[Matthew Blastares]] (14th c.)* [[Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain]](18th c.)* [[Nikodim (Milas) of Dalmatia]] (19th c.)
<!---How do these people relate to the Canon law?
* In Judaism, see [[w:Halakha]]
* In Islam, see [[w:Sharia]], [[w:Fatwa]], and [[w:Fiqh]]
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[[Category:Ecumenical Councils]]
== External links ==
* [ Post-Byzantine Law on the Web] - This site is devoted to the promotion of the study of law in Venetian and Ottoman Greece to the 19th century
*[ The Rudder]
*[ Complete scan of the Pedalion in Greek] (1886 edition published in Athens. This is the book The Rudder translates. Link to pdf file at that site.)
*[ Canons and Definitions of the Ecumenical Councils]
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church]
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church in Greek] (Link to pdf scans of all 6 volumes of the definitive 19th century collection of Rhalle and Potle)
*[ Canons of the Orthodox Church in Slavonic with Greek parallel] (Link to pdf scan of Beneshevich's 1906 Drevne-Slavonskaia Kormchaia [Old Slavonic Kormchaia{Kniga}, 14 Chapters without commentary])
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[[Category:Ecumenical Councils]]
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