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Bright Week

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The entire week is considered to be one continuous day and the main reason why [[fast]]ing is completely prohibited to all Orthodox during the week<ref>[[fast]]ing is also prohibited during Bright Week so that the faithful may recover their strength after the eight weeks of fasting for [[Great Lent]] and [[Holy Week]].</ref>.
== Liturgical variations ==
=== Funeral services ===
If it is necessary to conduct a [[funeral]] during Bright Week, this service follows the format for Paschal Matins, with only a few funeral hymns being chanted<ref>Hapgood, Isabel F. (1906), Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic Church (2nd ed.), Englewood NJ: Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese (published 1975), pp. 435-6, 610 </ref>. It is held that those Orthodox Christians who die in penitence during this time are released from the bonds of their sins and are accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven<ref>Hapgood, op. cit.</ref>.
== Notes==

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