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[[Protopresbyter]] ''For the Orthodox Christian, '''[[Georges FlorovskyHoly Week]]''''' was a prominent 20th century Orthodox Christian [[priest]], [[theologian]]is the week from the conclusion of Great Lent on the Saturday of Lazarus to the celebration of the Great and Holy Pascha, the Resurrection of Our Lord and writerSaviour, active in the [[ecumenism|ecumenical movement]]Jesus Christ. His writing This week is known for its clear, profound style, covering subjects on nearly every aspect of Church lifealso often called the Great and Holy Week.
Florovsky was born in Odessa in 1893 as As leave is taken from Great Lent with the fourth child celebration of a [[priest]]. Inspired by the erudite environment in Saturday of Lazarus, which he grew up, he learned English, German, French, Latin, Greekremembers Christ's raising of Lazarus from the dead and the promise of universal resurrection for all, and Hebrew while still a schoolboy. At eighteen, he started to study philosophy and history. In 1925, Florovsky was appointed professor for [[patristics]] at week is entered during which the [[St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris, France)|St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute]] in Paris. In this subjectchurch services remember Christ’s last week, he found his real vocation. Patristics became for him the benchmark for Orthodox [[theology]] and [[exegesis]]Holy Week, as well as a source for many of before his contributions crucifixion and critiques of the ecumenical movement. In 1932, Florovsky was [[ordination|ordained]] to the priesthoodresurrection.
In 1949, Florovsky moved to New York City to take a position as Dean of St. Vladimir's Seminary. Florovsky's oversight of the development of the theological curriculum led to the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York granting the Seminary an Absolute Charter in 1953. He was fired as Dean in 1955 and thereafter taught at Harvard Divinity School (1956-1964), teaching patristics and Russian religious thought, and later at Princeton (1964-1972), teaching Slavic languages and literatures. He died in 1979.
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