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Church of Jerusalem

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===Places of importance===
*Church of the Nativity (Bethlehem)*Holy Fire*Museum of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate*St Michael's Church (Jaffa)*[[St. Catherine's Monastery (Sinai)|Holy Monastery of St. Catherine]] ([[Mount Sinai]]), believed to be the site of the [[Burning Bush ]] from the Old Testament, belonging to [[Church of Sinai]].
==External links==
*[ Jerusalem Church]
*[ Official Website of the Church of Jerusalem] (Main page)
**[ Greek Orthodox Church of St. George], Taybeh (Palestine)
*[ Interviews with Christians in the Holy Land] ([[Ancient Faith Radio]])
*[ 9&sitecode=HQ&pageno=1 Eastern Christian Churches: The Patriarchate of Jerusalem] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar
*[ Rum Orthodox Ivri: The Website of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Community within Israeli Society], served by Fr. Alexander Winogradsky, a priest of Jewish ethnicity serving mainly in Hebrew

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