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St. Anna Convent (Preston, Victoria)

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{{orthodoxyinaustralasiamonastery|name=Holy Monastery of Saint Anna|jurisdiction=[[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand|Antiochian A&NZ]]|type=Female Monastery|founded=1995|superior=Sister [[Virginia (Hutchinson)]]|size=1 nun|hq=Preston, Victoria, Australia|language=English|music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|calendar=[[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|feasts=[[July 25|25 July]]|website=none advertised}}The '''Holy Monastery of St Saint Anna''' is a [[monasticism|monastic]] community for women under the [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand]]. The monastery is located in Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, and was established around 2002 in 1995 under the [[omophorion]] of His Eminence Metropolitan Archbishop [[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and New Zealand|Paul of Australia and New Zealand]]. The current [[abbesssuperior]] is Riasaphor Riasaphora [[Virginia (Hutchinson)|Virginia]]; there is currently 1 one [[nun ]] in residence.
*2002 Feb - At this time, the Abbess superior is already editing editor of ''Orthodox Contact'', a publication of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of St Saint NicholasEast Melbourne.*2002 May 16 - first [[Liturgy]], celebrated by [[Archimandrite]] [[Nabil (Kachab)]].*2003 [[Melbourne Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies|MIOCS]] idea beginsestablished. Rassophor Riasophora Virginia is the registrar. *2004 MIOCS has first lectures; Rassophor Riasophora Virginia lectures along with some Melbourne [[clergy]].*2005 Rassophor Riasophora Virginia is assisted in her editing of ''Orthodox Contact '' by [[Shamassy]] Clare.  ==Daily cycle of services==
==Current Structures==
*Library and reading room
*The Word, [ p12]
*[ MIOCS]. Articles about MIOCS in the University of Melbourne's United Faculty of Theology News:
**[ UFT News, March 2004]
**[ UFT News, April 2004]
**[ UFT News, March 2005], including photo's photographs of some lecturers.
**[ UFT News, June 2005]
*[ ''Orthodox Contact'']. News about the Monasterymonastery:**[ June 2002] - News about the First first Liturgy**[ August 2002] - Brief note about first [[feastday ]] of the Monasterymonastery.**[ Summer 2005htm February 2003] - Shamassy Clare begins co-editing Orthodox Contact. page 3A pilgrim goes to the monasteries of St Anna and [[Monastery of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Australia)|Gorgoepikoos]].**[ August 2003] - Brief note about cleaning up in preparation for the second feastday of the Monasterymonastery.**[ February 2003pdf Summer 2005] - A pilgrim goes to the monasteries of St Anna and [Monastery of Gorgoepikoos|Gorgoepikoos]Shamassy Clare begins co-editing ''Orthodox Contact''. page 3{{AustralianMonasteries}}
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