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'''+ Peace from Reykjavik, Iceland! +'''
'''* My name is Roman Zakharii'''.
* I am 33 y.o. Ukrainian man; baptised (on St. Paul of Thebes' day) and chrismated Orthodox Christian. Born in 1975 in Berezhany, Ternopil oblast, Ukraine. I am member of [[Nicholas_of_Myra|Saint Nicholas ]] Orthodox parish (Moscow patriarchate), the only Orthodox church in Reykjavik, Iceland. Before moving to Iceland in dec 2006 I was member of [[Nicholas_of_Myra|Saint Nicholas ]] Orthodox parish (Constantinople patriarchate) in Oslo, Norway.
'''* My patrons are:'''
* Principal patron: Saint Romanus, one of seven martyrs of Samosata (сrucified in 297 AD)
[[Image:Nicholas the Wonderworker.jpg|thumb|left|150px|Saint Nicholas Wonderworker]]

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