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Talk:Hypostatic union

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:::I dont use the word "hypostasis" to distinguish the divinity and the humanity .. hypostasis refers to a person .. so, when I used that word I meant God the Father (one hypostasis of the Holy Trinity), God the Son (second hypostastis of the Holy Trinity) and the Holy Spirit of God (third hypostasis of the Holy Trinity) - three persons of the same essence. Haha, I am scared to even "go there" with the next level of discussing "hyspostasis" which is the person of Christ himself ... I was reading up on this on Wikipedia ... it says that the Hypostatic Union is a core belief for RC and EO ... it seems to phrase it much better saying:
:::''It became official at the Council of Ephesus, which stated that the two natures (divine and human) are united in the one person (existence or reality, "hypostasis") of Christ.''
:::they dont use the word "subsists" which to me does tend to lean towards [[miaphysite]] understanding ... I dont know, I am not a theologian so I hope somone can help out.
:::I am happy to take this conversation to PM on if you like.
::: [[User:Ixthis888|Vasiliki]] 06:33, March 9, 2009 (UTC)

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