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Assuage My Sorrows icon

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Today, the miracle-working "Assuage my Sorrow" Icon rests in the Church of St Nicholas-in-Kuznetsy in Moscow and copies of the Icon are to be found in churches all over Moscow. The icon is also commemorated on [[September 25]] and [[October 9]].
;Troparion (Tone 5)
Sooth the pains of my much-sighing soul, O thou who hast wiped away every tear from the face of the earth:
For thou dost drive away the sickness of men, And quench the afflictions of sinners.
We have obtained hope and support in thee, O most holy Virgin.
;Kontakion (Tone 6)
O holy Lady, do not entrust me to human protection, but accept the prayers of thy supplicant.
I am fettered by sorrow and unable to endure the demon's darts.
I have no shelter, nor place to run, I am wretched.
My enemies are on every side, And I have no consolation but in thee. Mistress of creation, protection and hope of the faithful, Do not turn away when I pray to thee; do that which will profit me.
O my All-gracious Queen Theotokos, my hope, who befriends orphans, and intercedes for strangers, Joy of those who sorrow, Protectress of those offended, look upon my troubles and see my sorrow: help me for I am weak, guide me for I am wandering: for you know my offense, resolve it as you will: for I have no other help than you, no other intercessor nor good comforter, only you, O Mother of God, may keep and protect me, unto ages of ages. Amen.
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