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Xenia of St. Petersburg

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[[Image:Xenia of St Petersburg.jpg|frame|right|Xenia of St. Petersburg]]
Our venerable Mother, the Blessed '''Xenia of St. Petersburg''', (Russian: Святая блаженная Ксения Петербургская [Xenia Grigoryevna Petrova ]) is an 18th century Russian [[fool-for- Ксения Григорьевна ПетроваChrist]]; who in . In grief over the death of her husband , she distributed all her possessions and took up a life as a [[holy fool-for-Christ]]. Her life was centered on God, and she sought protection and comfort only in Him while wandering among the poor of St. Petersburg. She is commemorated on [[January 624]](NS).
When relatives of Xenia tried to help her with necessities she replied , “I do not need anything.” The people of St. Petersburg came to love her as she placed the Kingdom of Heaven before earthly possessions. The people considered her presence in their homes as good signs. Her acceptance of services and bread from merchants, however small, brought them great sales as their customers, who loved the saintly Xenia, frequented those who helped her.
Xenia possessed the gift of clairvoyance. She foretold the deaths of the Empress Elizabeth, in 1761, and of the imprisoned John IV Antonovich, the greatgreatgrandson great-great-grandson of Tsar Alexis, in 1764. After her death her grave became a place of [[pilgrimage]]. Portions of the dirt from her grave brought healing for many of the pilgrims.
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