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Over the saccos, the bishop wears a wide shoulder covering called the [[omophorion]]. It hangs down in front and back, and symbolizes the wandering sheep which Christ took upon his shoulders as the Good Shepherd. In ancient times, was made of sheepskin. At other times at services, the bishop may wear a shorter omophorion that has both ends hanging down the front called the small omophorion
The bishop wears a richly embroidered crown, called a [[miter|mitre]]. This is to represent the power conferred upon a minister of the Church.
Together with his [[pectoral cross]], the bishop also wears a small, circular icon of the Savior or of the Mother of God, called the [[Panagia (vestment)|Panagia]] (All-Holy), or [[Engolpion]], over his heart. This is to remind him that he must always bear in his heart our Lord and his Holy Mother, and thus his own heart must be pure.

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