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Apostle Mark

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Importance to the Coptic Church
In 828 A.D. the body of St. Mark was stolen by Italian sailors and was removed from Alexandria to Venice in Italy. However, the head remained in Alexandria.
==Importance to the Coptic Churchchurch==
[[Image:CopticIconStMark.jpg|thumb|right|Coptic icon of Saint Mark the Evangelist. Note the typical lion near the bottom-left of the icon.]]
In the [[Oriental Orthodox|Non-Chalcedonian]] [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic)|Coptic Orthodox Church]], the Apostle Mark is perhaps the most beloved of all saints, being the founder of the see of Alexandria in the first century. Many of their churches are named for him, and on the 30th of Babah (Coptic calendar), the Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates the commemoration of the consecration of the church of the pure St. Mark the Evangelist, the founder of the church in Egypt, and the appearance of his holy head in the city of Alexandria.
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