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List of autocephalous and autonomous churches

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*[[Orthodox Church in America]] (autocephaly recognized only by Moscow, Bulgaria, Georgia, Poland, and the Czech Lands and Slovakia)
It should be noted that in the [[diptychs]] of the Moscow Patriarchate and some of its daughter churches (e.g., the OCA), the ranking of four of the patriarchal churches is different. Following Moscow in rank is Georgia, followed by Serbia, Romania, and then Bulgaria. The remainder According to all four ancient Patriarchates, and the Church of Greece, the Church of Cyprus actually appears before Moscow in the hierarchy. Until the 5th century she has been struggling to remain free from Antioch. A monk had a dream which revealed the rankings beginning tomb of Barnabus, with a copy of the Gospel of Matthew. Since then the Archbishop of Cyprus is has had certain privileges, like being able to wear a red rasson underneath the sameblack clerical robes, having a stick featuring a double headed snake, and being able to sign his name in red.
===Autonomous churches===

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