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Constantine XI Palaiologos

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* UNESCO World Heritage site of '''[[Mystras]]'''
* St. '''[[Ipomoni]]''', ''Born as'' '''Helena Dragaš''' <ref>Before becoming a nun and assuming the name Ipomoni, Helena was was the mother of Constantine XI Palaiologos. She lived a monastic life for over 25 years, after entering into the habit after the death of her husband. She died 1450AD and is commemorated by the church [[May 29]]. The relics of her skull and her icon are found at the Monastery of St. Patapios, Loutraki of Korinthos, Greece.</ref>
== Further Reading ==
* Donald M. Nicol. ''[,M1 The Immortal Emperor: The Life and Legend of Constantine Palaiologos, Last Emperor of the Romans]''. Cambridge University Press, 2002. ISBN 0521894093, 9780521894098 (174 pp)
== Notes ==

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