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Arsenios (disambiguation)

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There are seventeen saints with the name '''''Arsenios. Of those, ''''' may refer to the following have OW articlessaints:
* '''[[Arsenios Arsenius the Great]]''' ([[May 8]])* Arsenios the Great, Catholicos of Georgia* '''[[Arsenios of Paros]]''', the New ([[January 31]] and [[August 18]])* '''[[Arsenios the Cappadocian]]''' ([[November 10]])* Pope [[Arsenius of Alexandria]] ([[July 11]])* Arsenios of Novgorod the Fool-for-Christ, Novgorod Russian ([[May 8]] and [[July 12]])* Arsenios of Latros* Arsenios of Georgia* Arsenios of Iqalto in Georgia* Patr. [[Arsenius Autoreianus of Constantinople|Arsenius Autoreianus of Constantinople]]* Abp. [[Arsenios of Corfu]] ([[January 19]])* Abp. [[Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec|Arsenius I of Serbia]] I ([[October 28]])* Abp. [[Arsenios of Serbia]]* Bp. [[Arsenius of Tver]] ([[March 2]])* Bp. Arsenios of Ninotsminda  * Venerable Arsenius the Lover-of-Labor of the Kiev Far caves* Arsenius the Abbot of Konevits* Arsenius the Abbot of Komel, Vologda* [[Arsenios the Cave-Dweller]]
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