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Arsenius of Paros

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[[Image:StArseniosOfParos.jpg|right|thumb|Venerable Arsenios of Paros (1800-1877)]] [[Venerable]] '''Arsenios of Paros''' (1800-1877) was a remarkable [[confessor]], spiritual guide, educator, [[ascetic]], [[wonder-worker|miracle-worker]] and healer. [[Feast day]]s: [[January 31]] and [[August 18]]. He is a saint local to the [[Metropolis of Paronaxia]] under the jurisdiction of the [[Church of Greece]].<ref>This very wise, wondrous, and most virtuous Father is called by some St. '''Arsenios the New'', in order to distinguish him from St. [[Arsenios the Great]], who lived in the fourth and fifth centuries. He is better known as St. '''Arsenios of Paros''', because, although born in Ioannina, Epiros, on January 31, 1800, he dwelt in the island of Paros—one of the Cyclades—during the second half of his life, from 1840 to 1877.</ref>
==Source and further details==
* Constantine Cavarnos. ''Modern Orthodox Saints, Vol. 6: St. Arsenios of Paros''. Belmont, Mass.: Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 1978, 2nd, augmented edition, 1988. 124 pp., 4 illus. ISBN 0-914744-80-1.
==End notes==
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*[ St Arsenius of Paros] - from [[OCA]] Web site.

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