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Metropolis of Singapore

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The Episcopacy
:*Archimandrite [[Daniel (Toyne)]] is the sole priest in Singapore.
:*Rev Fr [[Chrysostomos Manalu]] is the archepiscopal vicar for Indonesia.
 Rev. Chrysostomos Manalu is a graduate of the Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece(1995).Fr. Chrysostomos has taken many underprivileged children under his care as more and more of the Indonesian people sink into poverty. He provides them with room and board, food and schooling. A women medical center, Theological school and a boarding house are also in the works in order to better serve the needs of the area. Orthodox parish in Medan:''St. Demetrios Orthodox church,Jl. Kapiten Purba, Simalingkar, Medan , Indonesia. Tel: 62-61-8368747''
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