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Cyril of Alexandria

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== Life ==
[[Image:Chiril-al-alexandriei-rasca.JPG|left|thumb|250px|'''St. Cyril of Alexandria'''<br>Fresco at Râşca Monastery (Romania)]]Cyril was born about 378 in the small town of Theodosios, Egypt, near modern day Malalla el Kobra. His mother's brother, Theophilus, was a [[priest]] who rose to the powerful position of Pope of Alexandria. His mother remained close to her brother and under his guidance Cyril was well educated. His education showed through his knowledge, in his writings, of Christian writers of his day, including [[Eusebius of Caesarea|Eusebius]], [[Origen]], [[Didymus the Blind|Didymus]], and writers of the Alexandrian church. He showed a knowledge of Latin through his extensive correspondence with the [[Bishop]] of Rome, [[Pope]] Celestine. His formal education appeared normal for his day: 390-392 grammatical studies at ages 12 to 14, 393-397 Rhetoric/Humanities at ages 15 to 20, and 398-402 Christian theology and biblical studies.
He was [[tonsure]]d a [[reader]] by his uncle, Theophilus, in the [[Church of Alexandria]] and under his uncle's guidance advanced in knowledge and position. He supported his uncle in the removal of St. [[John Chrysostom]] as [[archbishop]] of Constantinople, although this was justified as an administrative, not doctrinal, issue, as later Cyril supported John's return as when he contrasted Nestorius' unorthodoxy to Chrysostom's purity of doctrine to the imperial court.

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