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Oak of Mamre

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The site of the oak was acquired in 1868 by Archimandrite Antonin (Kapustin) for the [[Church of Russia]] and the nearby Monastery of the Holy Trinity was founded nearby.<ref>The Hebron Monastery has emerged as a political issue between Russia and Palestinian authorities.</ref> The site has since been a major attraction for Russian [[pilgrims]] before the revolution, and is the only functioning Christian shrine in the Hebron region. After the Russian Revolution, the property came under the control of the [[ROCOR]].
A long-standing tradition is that the ''Oak of Abraham'' will die before the appearance of the Anti-Christ. The oak has been dead since 1996.<ref>[ Hebron's holy tree is dead but its successors live. Publication Date: 27 December 1996]</ref><ref>[,3033524&dq=mamre+tree Rome News-Tribune. Publication Date: 29 December 1996]</ref>.

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