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Emmanuel Hatzidakis

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Presbyter Fr. '''Emmanuel HatzikidisHatzidakis''' is a writer and a [[priest]] of the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]]. He is noted for his book ''The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy'', a 420 page commentary on the [[Divine Liturgy]].
Fr. Emmanuel was born on the island of Crete and also studied in Greece. He also has studied abroad in Rome and in the United States, completing an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in Classics. He has also done additional graduate coursework in this field at the University of Chicago. Fr. Emmanuel also earned a Masters of Divinity degree from [[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology]]], Brookline, Massachusetts. In 2001, Fr. Emmanuel founded Orthodox Witness[], a not-for-profit group dedicated to Orthodox Christian evangelism. In 2008, Orthodox Witness published Fr. Emmanuel is the priest at St. Luke the Evangelist Greek Orthodox Church in Columbia's first book entitled, Missouri, a [[parish]] serving ''The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the multi-ethnic Orthodox Christian community of central MissouriDivine Liturgy''.
He has also written several Christmas plays including==Writings== * Hatzidakis, Fr. Emmanuel. The Heavenly Banquet: “Prophecies Announcing Christ”, “The Three Wise Men”, “Daniel and Understanding the Three Youths”Divine Liturgy (2nd. ed., “God is with Us”Chicago, and “Christmas Eve.” Each play is highlighted with original IL: Orthodox Christmas songs and carols written or arranged in English by FrWitness, 2010) ISBN 978-0-9778970-3-2 The Divine Liturgy explained. Emmanuel420p, hardbound.
In 2008, Orthodox Witness published Fr. Emmanuel's first book entitled, ''The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy''. ==WritingsSource== * Hatzidakis, Fr[http://www. Emmanuelgoarch. The Heavenly Banquetorg/archdiocese/affiliates/rca/biography/hatzidakis GOARCH: Understanding the Divine Liturgy (Columbia, MO: Orthodox Witness, 2008) ISBN 978-0-9778970-1-8 The Divine Liturgy explained. 420p, hardboundFr.Emmanuel Hatzidakis]
==External links==
*[ '''Official Webpage''' for the ''Church of St. Luke'' - Columbia, Missouri]*[ '''Official Webpage''' for the '''Orthodox Witness''']*[ ''The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy'']
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