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[[Image:Nativity.jpg|100px|The Nativity of Christ]]
</div>[[Afterfeast]] of the [[Nativity]] of [[Christ]]; [[Virgin-Martyr]] [[Anysia of Thessaloniki|Anysia]] at Thessaloniki; [[Martyr]] Zoticus, Keeper of Orphans; Martyr [[Philetairos of Nicomedia|Philetairos]] of Nicomedia, and with him six soldiers and one count; [[Saint]] Theodora, [[nun]] of Caesarea in Cappadocia; Saint Theodora, nun of Constantinople; [[Apostle]] [[Apostle Timon|Timon]] the [[Deacon]]; Martyrs Magistrianus, Paulinus, Umbrius, Verus, Severus, Callistratus, Florentius, Arianus, Anthimus, Ubricius, Isidore, Euculus, Sampson, Studius, and Thespesius, who suffered under Julian the [[Apostate]]; [[New-Martyr]] Gideon of [[Karakalou Monastery (Athos)|Karakalou Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]]; Saint Macarius, [[Metropolitan]] of Moscow and All Russia; Saint Leo (Leondus) the [[Archimandrite]]; Saint Egwin, [[Bishop]] of Worcester; Saint Isaakios of Dalmaton; Saint Peter, [[Abbot]] of Canterbury; opening of the [[relics]] of Saint Daniel of Pereyaslavl
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