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My Rules of Thumb
#'''No one is out to get you''', nor are they out to censor "the truth," however you might define that. We're just trying to write an encyclopedia. If you're out to Expose the Truth and Show Everyone, you may wish to consider trying something besides encyclopedia writing.
#A corollary to the above rule is that '''it's always good to take wiki-breaks''', especially when you feel like someone is out to get you. It's also entirely possible that your work really does need a lot of work. Consider the possibility that you may not be perfect.
#Another corollary is that '''no matter what you say or do, someone will take it the wrong way'''. You're always someone's bad guy, especially if you remotely look like you're in charge (even if you're not). Remember that even when the [[Jesus Christ|Perfect Man ]] still walked the Earth, he was treated this way. We who are decidedly less than perfect should expect the same.
#'''If you think any of the above applies to you, it probably does.''' Remember that it's not official, so take it like you would a sermon—it's only helpful in self-application, and no one will force any of it upon you. Wiki-"force" only comes into play in [[OrthodoxWiki:Disciplinary policy|certain situations]].
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