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Nikephoros of Chios

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:''Although St Nicephorus probably reposed in the summer of 1821, his Feast Day is designated as May 1. He died in a home near the church of St Paraskeve, where he sometimes stayed overnight when he was unable to get back to Resta. His body was brought back to Resta, and was placed in a grave where both St [[Athanasius Parios|Athanasius Parius]] and the monk Nilus had once been buried. The holy [[relics]] of St Nicephorus were uncovered in 1845 and brought to the metropolitan church of Chios. Many years later, the Guild of Tanners asked for the relics and placed them in the church of St George. In 1907, an [[icon]] of St Nicephorus was painted, and a church service was composed in his honor.''<ref>[ Venerable Nicephorus of Chios] ([[OCA]])</ref>
He taught and wrote in Chios, led a life of spiritual endeavor there. He loved Chios as his fatherland, and as a place where piety and learning were flourishing. For this reason, and because no occasion arose for him to leave the island, he remained within its confines throughout his lifetime.  He reposed in 1821, and before his death foretold the devastation of Chios the following year by the Turks. His relics now remain in the [[Church of St. George (Chios)|Church of St. George]] in Resta.

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