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Theological School of Patmos

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The '''Theological School of Patmos''' was founded by the [[deacon ]] [[Makarios Kalogeras ]] in 1713 AD and is situated on the hillside directly above the [[Cave of the Apocalypse]]. The school was is a spiritual legacy of St. [[Christodoulos the Blessed|Christodoulos of Patmos]] who included it in his original plans for the island of [[Patmos island. ]]; Emperor Alexios I issued the a deed of title in which he mentions it to be "an abode of learning where local disciples will gather." ==History==The present theological school was founded by a local Patmian man, called Makarios Kalogeras<ref>''Makarios Kalogeras'' was a deacon of the [[Bishop]] of [[Nicomedia]] and was inspired by his studies in Constantinople to revive Greek education, which had deteriorated under the Turkish occupation.</ref>, in the eighteenth century.  ==Reference==<references/>

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