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Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration

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The '''Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration ''' (OFT) proclaims first became a [[SCOBA|SCOBA]] endorsed organization in 2006. The Fellowship is pan-Orthodox and describes itself as “proclaiming the ecological mission of the Orthodox Church as . . . the Reconciliation of All Things in Christ!,” with a primary focus on relating Christianity to environmental issues in the U.S. and Canada as they also relate to global concerns. It is open to membership by Orthodox Christians who belong to canonical churches in North and Central America.
Program development and outreach with [[parish]]es, [[Seminary|seminaries]], groups and individuals are ongoing. OFT exists to hallow Godhosts a website providing information and a forum on [[Orthodoxy]] and the environment (now including a blog also available on Facebook and Twitter), and sponsors conferences and publications. In 2010 it organized with [[St. Tikhon's Name Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)|St. Tikhon's Seminary]] a conference on earth as it is in heaven' by seeking Orthodoxy and the transfiguration Environment," audio files of creation through which are posted on [[Ancient Faith Radio]], and earlier organized a conference on the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured lifesame topic at St. [[St. In the context of the liturgical life of the Herman's Orthodox ChurchTheological Seminary (Kodiak, the Fellowship seeks to extend the transfiguring activity Alaska)|Herman of Alaska Seminary]]. It also has organized "Christ in the sacraments into all creation through ascetic practiceWilderness" workshops at Yosemite National Park (2005 and 2011), the keeping of the commandmentsand the acquisition of virtueLong Island (2007), Sharon MA (2005), thus restoring the beauty and integrity of God's earthly templeMount Rainier (2005).
The OFT became has published newsletters and developed a SCOBA endorsed organization correspondence course on “The Virtues & Ecological Practice”, and is publishing in 20062012 a guide to "Greening the Orthodox Parish. It " The OFT is located in Santa Rosa, California, the hometown of its executive director, Frederick W. Krueger, a pioneer in what is often called the "Creation Care" movement among U.S. Chirstians, and also national coordinator of the U.S. National Religious Coalition on Creation Care. The OFT office there houses a panlibrary of Orthodox creation-Orthodox effort overseen by a nine member Steering Committee and aided by an eight member Advisory Boardrelated resources for sharing of information.
The office of OFT organization is located in Santa Rosaoverseen by a Steering Committee as well as by an Advisory Board. Fr. [[John Chryssavgis]], Californiaa member of its Steering Committee, where is advisor to the Executive Director, Fred Krueger, maintains an extensive library [[Church of creation related resources, and administers program development and educational communication with OFT membersConstantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]] on environmental issues. To dateAnother member, OFT has published newslettersAnne Glynn-Mackoul, organized Christ in is former executive chair and current member of the Wilderness program events in WashingtonBoard of Trustees of [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, California, Massachusetts and New York)|St. Vladimir's Seminary]]. Its advisory board includes Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos and Bishop Illya Katre, a follow-up correspondence course on The Virtues & Ecological Practiceand Fr. Chad Hatfield, and an Orthodox Climate Initiative[[Chancellor]] of St. Vladimir's Seminary.
Articles, other information, publications for sale, email contact and mailing address are accessible online at '''From the OFT website, [httpmission statement://Orth-'''“The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfigurationexists to hallow God's Name 'on earth as it is in heaven' by seeking the transfiguration of creation through the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured] The website also features In the context of the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church, the Fellowship seeks to extend the transfiguring activity of the sacraments into all creation through ascetic practice, the keeping of the commandmentsand the [ OFT Community Forum] which anyone can access upon registeringacquisition of virtue, thus restoring the beauty and where OFT Members can communicate with each other via a Members private groupintegrity of God's earthly temple.
==Current leadership==
'''Officers:Steering Committee''':
*Fred Fr. Christopher Bender, Chairman*Frederick W. Krueger, Executive Director*Fr. Terence Baz, Treasurer
'''Steering Committee:''' *Fr. Christopher Bender, Chairman*FrDr. Terence Baz*[[Fr. John Chryssavgis]]*Fr. DDn. Sergei Kapral*Frederick Krueger
*Anne Glynn-Mackoul
*Fr. Michael Massouh
*Fr. Robert Popichak
*Vincent Rossi
*Prof. Alfred Kentigern Siewers, Editor
*Mat. Robin Takahashi
'''Advisory Board:'''
*HE Metropolitan Nicholas HG Bishop [[Dimitrios_(Trakatellis)_of_America|Dimitrios]]*HG Bishop DemetriosIllya Katre*Fr. Chad Hatfield
*Fr. Alexander Karloutsos
*FrDr. Nicholas Apostola*Christine Shahin-Wood*Juretta Jordan-Heckscher
*Natalie Kapeluck-Nixon
*Dr. John H. Erickson
''''Internet Ministry Consultants'''
*Steve Zydek, Internet
*Heather Zydek, Social Media
*Olesya Siewers, Web Content
==External links==
* [ The OFT website]

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