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Russian Orthodox Church in Exile

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Current status
* A group headed out of Moldova by Archbishop Anthony (Rudei) which is generally regarded by all as an unjustified schism, due to the fact that he single-handedly consecrated his own Synod.<ref>[ Extraordinary Statement (of the ROCIE(V)(V)]</ref> There are no clear references to any number of parishes on their websites.
The various ROCIEs may have a handful of clergy and laymen throughout the world which hold allegiance to them but may not have any parish associated with them, and a number of communities across Russia which remain unlisted to avoid unwanted attention from the state. The various ROCIEs do not maintain [[communion]] with each other or with any other jurisdiction. However, the RTOC has recently made overtures to the [[Geunine Church of the Genunine Orthodox Christians of Greece|True Orthodox Church of Greece(Chrysostomos)]], with some success.
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