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Dioceses: added episcopal titles, to correspond with MCB
The current structure of the ROCOR-PSCA is as follows:
*Bishop Agafangel (Pashkovsky), ''soi-disant'' Metropolitan Agafangel of Odessa and TavrichTauria, First-Hierarch of the ROCOR-PSCA*Bishop Abbot Andronik (Kotliaroff), ''soi-disant'' Archbishop of Ottawa and Eastern America*Bishop Hieromonk Sophroniy (Musienko), ''soi-disant'' Archbishop of St Petersburg and West Northern Russia*Bishop Ioann John Zaitsev, ''Episcopus vagans'' of Buinsk and the Volga*Afanasy Savitsky, ''Episcopus vagans'' of BuinVologoda and Velikiy Ustiug*Abbot George (Kravchenko), ''soi-disant'' Bishop Afanasy of VologodBolhrad*Archpriest Igor Hrebinka, ''soi-disant'' Bishop George Joseph of BolgradWashington
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