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History: add info on fifth adc
On May 20, 2007, the members of the [[ROCOR]] Synod, meeting in Moscow, suspended Bishop Agafangel for inciting schism, disobeying lawful authority, and refusing transfer to the Buenos Aires cathedra.
At an emergency meeting of the [[ROCOR]] Synod on June 28 and 29, 2007, issued a "final letter of warning" to Bishop Agafangel, calling on him to cease all schismatic activity. The Synod also approved the suspension of Abbot Andronik (Kotliaroff), head of the Russian Ecclesiastic Mission in Jerusalem, and other clerics that supported Agafangel. However on December 7, 2007, with the aid of bishops from the [[Holy Synod in Resistance]], with whom ROCOR was in communion until their impending union with Moscow was accepted fact, Agafangel carried out the consecration of Archimandrite Abbot Andronik (Kotrliaroff) as Bishop of Richmond Hill and New York and
Hieromonk Sofroniy (Musienko) as Bishop of Saint Petersburg and Northern Russia. These ordinations marked the final breach of the new organization, calling itself the Provisional Supreme Church Authority, with the ROCOR synod.
On November 19, 2008, the Provisional Supreme Church Authority, while organizing called what it termed the diocesan structure Fifth All-Diaspora Council, in reference to the Four All-Diaspora Council of the Church[[ROCOR]], elected which overwhelmingly supported reconcilliation with the Moscow Patriarchate. Among other decisions, the council elevated Bishop Agafangel to the rank of [[Metropolitan]].

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