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Great Schism

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Events of 1054 A.D.
== Events of 1054 A.D. ==
The year 1054 A.D. is the generally agreed upon date for the split between East & West. The trouble had started earlier with Normans forcing the Greek Churches in Northern Italy, to conform to Latin practices, which in turn caused the Greeks to do the same to Latin Churches in Constantinople. In 1053, Patriarch Michael Celarius sent a letter to Pope Leo IX, offering to restore his name to the Diptychs, and suggesting that he send legates so that differences could be resolved between them. Unfortunately, the Pope chose to send Cardinal Humbert, a German who was not known for his tact. Upon receiving an audience with the Patriarch, they acted rudely, giving him a letter from the Pope, while in fact it had been drafted by Humbert himself. The letter demanded conformity from the Greeks, and so offended the Patriarch, that he refused to negotiate with them further. On Palm Sunday, Cardinal Humbert entered the Church of the Holy Wisdom, (Hagia Sophia) and placed a Bull of Excommunication on the Altar. This Bull excommunicated Patriarch Michael Celarius, and the entire Eastern Church. He then left the city immediately, before the angry crowds that were gathering could seize him. Patiarch Michael Celarius then called a meeting of the Holy Synod, and excommunicated Humbert, though not the Latin Church.
== Dating the schism ==

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