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Acacian Schism

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The '''Acacian Schism''' was short break in communion between the Churches of [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] and [[Church of Rome|Rome]] during the late fifth and early seixth sixth centuries, caused by the publication of the ''Henoticon'', an attempt by Emperor [[Zeno (emperor)|Zeno]] of the Eastern Roman Empire to force a reconciliation between the Orthodox and the [[Monophysitism |Monophysites]] after the [[Fourth Ecumenical Council]]. The [[Henoticon ]] was prepared by the [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople [[Acacius of Constantinople|Acacius]] at the request of the Emperor in the late fifth century. Acacius’ name was applied to the [[schism]] as he became the center piece in the resulting dispute among Zeno, Acaius, and Felix III of Rome.

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