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Alexandrian Rite

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The '''Alexandrian Rite''' is officially called the [[Liturgy]] of [[Apostle Mark|Saint Mark]], traditionally regarded as the first bishop of [[Alexandria]]. The Alexandrian Rite contains elements from the liturgy of [[Basil the Great|Saint Basil]], [[Cyril of Alexandria|Saint Cyril the Great]], and [[Gregory Nazianzusthe Theologian|Saint Gregory Nazianzus]]. The Liturgy of Saint Cyril the Great is a modification of the first Alexandrian Liturgy composed by Saint Mark.
The Alexandrian Rite is divided into two rites: the [[Coptic Christianity|Coptic Rite]] and the [[Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church|Ge'ez Rite]]. Primarily located in Egypt, The Coptic Rite uses the [[Coptic Language|Coptic]] in its liturgy at both [[Church of Alexandria (Coptic Christianity)|Coptic Orthodox Church]] and [[Coptic Catholic Church]]. The Ge'ez Rite is found in Ethiopia, Eritrea, [[Jerusalem]], and Somalia. It is used at both the [[Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church]], the [[Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church|Eritrean Orthodox Church]], and the [[Ethiopian Catholic Church]] in their liturgies.
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