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Nicholas Cabasilas

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Saint [[File:Nicholas Cabasilas.jpg|right|thumb|Icon of St. Nicholas Cabasilas.]]Our father among the saints '''Nikolaos CavasilasNicholas Cabasilas''' (c. 1320-71born 1322 in Thessaloniki and died sometime after 1391) was a well known [[Theologian]] theological writer and mystic in of the Orthodox churchChurch. He was born in Thessaloniki and, as a young man, was involved in politics. Little is known of his later life, however, he is remembered for his two treatiestreatises, ''Life in Christ'' and ''The Exposition of the Divine Liturgy''. These volumes are generally regarded as classics of Eastern sacramental theology.
==Bibliography==* Nikolaos CavasilasHe was on intimate terms with the emperor [[John VI Cantacuzenos]], ''Life whom he accompanied in Christ'', translated by Chis retirement to a [[monastery]].J. de Catanzaro (1974);* Nikolaos CavasilasIn 1355 he succeeded his uncle [[Nilus Cabasilas]], ''Interpretation like himself a determined opponent of the Divine Liturgy''union of the Greek and Latin churches, translated as [[archbishop]] of Thessaloniki. In the [[Hesychast]] controversy he took the side of the [[monk]]s of [[Mount Athos]] and St. [[Gregory Palamas]]. He is commemorated by Jthe Church on [[June 20]].M<ref>Great [[Synaxarion|Synaxaristes]]: {{el icon}} ''[http://www. Hussey and Psynaxarion.Agr/gr/sid/3909/sxsaintinfo.aspx Ὁ Ὅσιος Νικόλαος Καβάσιλας].'' 20 Ιουνίου. McNulty (1960)ΜΕΓΑΣ ΣΥΝΑΞΑΡΙΣΤΗΣ.</ref>
==See also==* Spiritual child of St. [[Symeon Gregory of ThessalonikiSinai|Gregory Sinaitis]].
== Bibliography ==
* Cabasilas, N. ''Commentary on the Divine Liturgy''. 14th Cent. Translated by J.M. Hussey and P.A. McNulty. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1960. ISBN 0-913836-37-0
* Cabasilas, N. ''The Life in Christ''. St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1974. ISBN 0-913836-12-5
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* [ Encyclopaedia Britannica Nicholas Cabasilas]
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