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{{orthodoxyinaustralasia}}monastery|name=Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross|jurisdiction=[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia|GOA Aus]]|type=Female Monastery|founded=1995|superior=Abbess Philothei|size=5 nuns|hq=Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales, Australia|language=Greek|music=[[Byzantine Chant]]|calendar=[[Revised Julian Calendar|Revised Julian]]|feasts=[[July 28|Jul 28]] (Chapel)<br>[[September 14|Sep 14]] (Monastery)|website=none advertised{{stub}}
The '''Holy Monastery of the Holy Cross''' is a [[monasticism|monastic]] community for women under the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia]]. The monastery is located in MangroveMountain, New South Wales (west of Sydney), and was established in 2004 1995 under the [[omophorion]] of His Eminence Archbishop [[Stylianos (Harkianakis) of Australia|Stylianos of Australia]]. <!--The current [[abbess]] is ?Mother Philothei; there are currently ? 4 [[nun]]s (including the abbess) and one [[novice]] in residence. Currently the abbot of the [[Monastery of Pantanassa (Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales)|Monastery of Pantanassa]] is the spiritual father, and priestly services are done by the [[hieromonk|priestmonks]] of the Monastery of Pantanassa. ==Timeline==* 1995: The [[Monastery of Pantanassa (Mangrove Mountain, New South Wales)|Monastery of Pantanassa]] moves from St [[Arsenius the Cappadocian|Arsenios]]' [[metochion|House]] to current site on Mangrove Mountain. In the same year the Monastery of the Holy Cross, a female monastery, under the guidance of [[Archimandrite]] [[Stephanos (Pantanassiotis)]], is established at St Arsenios' House. Three nuns make up the founding sisterhood and elect an abbess amongst themselves. All three of the founding nuns are Greek-->Australians who went to Greece and then came back to Australia to start a new monastery.* ~2003: The Monastery of the Holy Cross moves to present location on Mangrove Mountain, approximately 5km from the Monastery of Pantanassa.* 2006 Apr 14: Led by the St Nicholas Punchbowl youth group, approximately 40 youth from various Antiochian churches in Sydney make a daytrip to Holy Cross Monastery {{AusMonStub}}{{AustralianMonasteries}}
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