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George (Karslidis) of Drama

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[[Image:GeorgeKarslidis1.jpeg|right|thumbnail|St. George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama]]Saint '''George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama the Confessor''' (π. Γεώργιος Καρσλίδης ) was born in Georgia under the Soviet Union in 1901. During this time, his family was persecuted and he was left orphaned at three years of age. When he was six, he retreated into a cave filled with snow. He spent most of his later life in the village of Sipsa (now identified as ''Taxiarches'') in Drama of Northern Greece, where he also established a small monastery there. He slept in the Lord [[November 4]], 1959 and was [[canonised]] by the [[Patriarch]] [[November 2]], 2008. The elder was well known for his miracles and prophecies. The church commemorates his memory [[November 4]].

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