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East Syrian Rite

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For the Nestorians:
*The Takhsa, in two parts, by [[Archbishop of Canterbury]]'s [[Assyrian Mission]] ([[Urmi]], 1890-92) The [[Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge]] has published an English translation of the first part of the Takhsa, both parts "unmodified except by the omission of the heretical names" (Brightman); *[[Dhaqdham wadhwathar]], by the same (Urmi, 1894); Dawidha, by the same (Urmi, 1891).
For the Chaldean Catholics:
*''[[Missale Chaldaicum]]'', containing the [[Liturgy of the Apostles]] in Syriac and [[Epistle]]s and Gospels in Syriac with an Arabic translation, in [[Carshuni]] ([[Propaganda Press]] [[fol.]], Rome, 1767). A new and revised edition, containing the three liturgies and the lections, epistles, and gospels was published by the Dominicans at [[Mosul]] in 1901. The Order of the Church Services of Common Days, etc., from Kthawa dhaqdham wadhwathar ([[octavo]], Mosul, 1866). *"[[Breviarium Chaldaicum in usum Nationis Chaldaicae a Josepho Guriel secundo editum]]" ([[16mo]], Propaganda Press, Rome, 1865).
* "Breviarium Chaldaicum", etc., [8vo, Paris (printed at Leipzig, 1886].
For the Malabar Catholics:
*"[[Ordo Chaldaicus Missae Beatorum Apostolorum, juxta ritum Ecclesiae Malabaricae]]" (fol., Propaganda Press, Rome, 1774). *"[[Ordo Chaldaicus Rituum et Lectionum]]", etc., (fol., Rome, 1775).* "[[Ordo Chaldaicus ministerii Sacramentorum Sanctorum]]", etc., (fol., Rome, 1775).
These three, which together form a Takhsa and Lectionary, are commonly found bound together. The Propaganda reprinted the third part in 1845.
*"[[Ordo Baptismi adultorum juxta ritum Ecclesiae Malabaricae Chaldaeorum]]" (octavo, Propaganda Press, Rome, 1859), a Syriac translation of the Roman Order.
The Malabar Rite was revised in a Roman direction by [[Aleixo de Menezes]], [[Archbishop of Goa]], and the revision was authorized by the controversial [[Synod of Diamper]] in 1599. So effectively was the original Malabar Rite abolished by the Synod in favour of this revision, and by the schismatics (when in 1649, being cut off from their own patriarch by the Spaniards and Portuguese, they put themselves under the [[Jacobite patriarch]]) in favour of the [[West Syrian Liturgy]], that no copy is known to exist, but it is evident from the revised form that it could not have differed materially from the existing [[Nestorian Rite]]\.

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