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Orthodox Education

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Western Orthodox Education
===Western Orthodox Education===
In the twentiet twentieth century, Paris became a great centre of Orthodox learning ([[St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris, France)|Institute of St Sergius]]) following the flight there of the Orthodox intellectuals from Bolshevik persecution in Russia, and the subsequent pogroms there of Stalin and his ilk.
A large number of them migrated to the United States of America about the 1950s and 1960s and substantially altered the nature and character of Orthodox education in USA. [[St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Crestwood, New York)|St Vladimir’s Seminary]] near New York City became the shining beacon, followed closely by the [[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Greek Orthodox College]] in Brookline, Massachusetts, and [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)|St Tikhon’s Seminary]], South Canaan, Pennsylvania, and the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia’s [[Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Seminary]] in Jordanville, New York [].
These centres, registered as tertiary education centres under US laws, comply with state law and follow western educational methods, with decreasing reliance on the methods of their countries of origin.

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