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His Eminence Archbishop Georges (Wagner) of Evdokia was born on March 10To add [[bishop]]s to this category, 1930, in Berlin (Germany). He studied theoloy at St. Sergius Institute in Paris. He was ordained see '''[[Help:How to create a new page|How to create a deacon new page]]''' and priest in 1955 by the late Metropolitan Nikolai (Moscow Patriarchate) in Paris. Professor of liturgics and canon law at St. Sergius Institute in Paris. He was tonsured a monk on March 12, 1971. On June 30, he was elected assistant bishop of the late Archbishop George (Tarassoff) of Syracuse (Archdiocese of the Russian Parishes in Western Europe under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople), receiving the title of "Bishop of Evdokia." He was consecrated bishop in Paris on October 3, 1971. In May 1981, he was elected add '''<nowiki>[[Category:Bishops]]</nowiki>''' to be the successor of the late Archbishop George (Tarassoff) of Syracuse. Archbishop Georges bottom of Evdokia died in Paris on April 6, 1993your new article.  (His successor on the seat of Evdokia was : Metropolitan Irineos (Ioannidis), who was Metropolitan of Evdokia (1995-2000), and is now Metropolitan of Myriofytos and Peristasis (2000-now)
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