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List of Saints section - a starting list.
* Exorcism and holy water. Theophany. Blessing of objects. Censings. The [[Sign of the Cross]].
* Exorcism today.
== List of Saints whose Intercession is Enlisted ==
The following is a general list of [[Saint|Saints]] whose intercession may be enlisted for healing, and against unclean spirts and mental disorders (listed in order of chronology).
* [[Anthony the Great]]
* [[Marina of Antioch]]
* [[Dymphna]]
* [[Gerasimus of Kefalonia]]
* [[Nectarios of Aegina]]
== Orthodox resources ==
* [ Exorcism in the Orthodox Church] - Rev. George C. Papademetriou, Ph.D. (on
* [ Excorcism] - Rev. George Mastrantonis (on
== Other resources ==
There are many books about exorcism and demonology that go to one extreme or another. These resources are some of the better ones we have found. '''As always, read with discretion'''.

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