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Genuine Orthodox Church of America

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The jurisdiction's bishop, [[Gregory (George) of Denver]] (born an [[AOCA|Antiochian]]), who was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated to the episcopacy]] in the ROAC, claims to be "the only hierarch in the United States who has remained free of any communion or union with this heresy of [[Ecumenism]] who has valid [[apostolic succession]]," and thus claims "to be truly canonical."<ref name="GOCA History">[ Genuine Orthodox Church of America: History & Canonicity], accessed 28 July 2007</ref>
In 2007, Archbishop Gregory received Archbishop Ambrose (Moran-Dolgorouky) of New York City, an one of many [[episcopi vagantes]]who claim to have been consecrated by independent Ukrainian bishops, into the GOCA. After his reception, he participated in the consecration of Archimandrite John (Egan) as Bishop of Colorado Springs, along with Archbishop Gregory, on January 6, 2008. Since the reception of a bishop can only be canonically accomplished by a synod, Archbishop Gregory initially claimed that Archbishop Makarios of Athens gave him verbal consent for the reception over the telephone. Later, this was proved to be untrue. Six months later, Archbishop Ambrose seceded from communion with Archbishop Gregory and returned to his former status as an independent bishop. Since the consecration of Bishop John was administered by only two bishops, one of whom was uncanonically received into the Church and possessed questionable apostolic succession, the status of the GOCA has become even more isolated.
The jurisdiction is supported mainly by profits from the [[iconography]] and publishing work of its two monastic centers, [[Dormition Skete (Buena Vista, Colorado)|Dormition Skete]] and [[Holy Apostles Convent (Buena Vista, Colorado)|Holy Apostles Convent]], both in Buena Vista.

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