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*Slavonic: ''Vladyka''
*Arabic: ''Sayidna'' (literally "our master," also Latinized as ''Sayedna'')
*French: ''Monseigneur''
''Father'', either by itself or followed by the priest's name. Unless you know differently for a particular priest, it would be normal to use his full christian name (do not shorten it): ''Father Andrew'' is preferable to ''Father Andy'' etc. ''Father'' should not be followed by a surname as a greeting.
*Arabic: ''Abouna''
It is not correct In some traditions, deacons are commonly addressed as "Father." Others consider it inappropriate to call a deacon ''Father'' unless he is also a monk. This is, however, widely ignored and ''Father'' is very common. ''Deacon'', either followed by his Christian name or by itself is correct.
*Arabic: ''Shamas''
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