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Epiphanios (Theodoropoulos)

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*1980: [[Philotheos (Zervakos)|Elder Philotheos]], Elder Epiphanios' spiritual father, reposed. Elder Epiphanios then went to Archimandrite [[Agathangelos (Michalidin)]] as his spiritual father.
*1982 Dec: Elder Epiphanios was diagnosed with pre-canceric gastrorrhagia and operated on. Three quarters of his stomach was removed. He had continued poor health and eventually was confined to his bed.
*1986: Fr. Epiphanios' "The Two Extremes: Ecumenism and Zealotry" is published, which condemns both Ecumenism and Old Calendarism. This continues to be an influential text for critics of Ecumenism who have chosen to struggle from within the visible boundaries of the Church, as opposed to "walling-off" from those who confess syncretistic Ecumenism.
*1989 Nov 10: Having arranged for his funeral and burial, and being spiritually prepared, Elder Epiphanios reposed at 58 years of age.
*Middleton, Herman A., 2004,"Elder Epiphanios of Athens: Life", in ''Precious Vessels of the Holy Spirit: The Lives & Counsels of Contemporary Elders of Greece'', 2nd edn., [[osource:Protecting Veil Press|Protecting Veil Press]], Thessalonica, Greece. []

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