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Feast day

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The Orthodox Church commemorates certain saints or sacred events in its history every day of the year. The feast day of a saint is generally the date of his or her death.
==Feasts of the Orthodox Church==
The feasts of the Orthodox Church, as with the canonization of saints, always comes from the living devotion of the Christian people. Feast days of the Church are not "institutions" which are legislated by some ecclesiastical authority apart from the interest and consent of the people. If there were no popular interest and veneration of a certain holy person, there would be no official canonization and no liturgical festival established in there honor.
Universally celebrated by all the Orthodox are the feasts of Saint [[John the Baptist]].
The feast days of each of the [[apostles]] are also celebrated by the entire Orthodox Church, above all, the [[Feast of Saints Peter and Paul]].
Among the feast days of other saints universally celebrated by all the Orthodox are:

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