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Image Not-made-by-hands

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[[Image:Not made by hands.jpg|frame|right|Image Not made by hands]]The Icon of the Savior, '''Image Not-Made-By-Hands''' , also '''Acheiropoieta''' (Byzantine Greek: αχειροποίητα, "made without hand") is one of the earliest [[icons]] witnessed to by the Church. The [[Feast]] of this icon is celebrated on [[August 16]], during the [[afterfeast]] period of the feast of the [[Dormition]], and is called the Third Feast-of-the-Savior in August. 
==According to Tradition==
During the time of the earthly ministry of the Savior, Abgar, ruler in the Syrian city of Edessa, was afflicted with leprosy. Reports of the great miracles performed by the Lord extended throughout Syria (Matt. 4:24) and as far as Arabia at this time. Although not having seen the Lord, Abgar believed in him and wrote a letter requesting Christ to come and heal him. Abgar sent his court painter, Ananias, with this letter to Palestine telling him to paint an image of the Divine Teacher.
The Image (the Holy Face) was put up as an emblem of the Russian armies, defending them from the enemy; and in the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] there is a pious custom that before entering a church, the faithful read together the prayers and the Troparion to the Image Not-Made-By-Hands.
Troparion ([[Tone]] 2) []
:But divinely wrought in Your ineffable and divine dispensation towards us,
:We honor it with veneration!
==See also==
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