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Sarum Use

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The rite was revived particularly by the orthodox party of the Anglo-Catholic or Tractarian movement in the 19th c. Church of England. In the mid-19th c., the services were translated into English by such as G. H. Palmer, and became either the preferred liturgy or preferred liturgical model for the non-Romanizing part of the Anglo-Catholic movement (also called Orthodox Anglo-Catholic or Prayer Book Catholic). The ceremonial and customs of the rite were the major influence in the development of the English Use, partly through the efforts of Percy Dearmer, author of ''The Parson's Handbook''. The old English Catholic Clergy Brotherhood also maintained a tradition of Sarum Use through the period of Catholic persecution in England. Attempts to revive the Sarum rite amongst the Roman Catholics included proponents such as A. W. N. Pugin and Bishop Wilson of Tasmania. The Sarum rite was suggested, but rejected, for use in the new Westminster Cathedral in 1903.
The [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia|ROCOR]] [[Western Rite]] has published the Saint Colman Prayer Book which includes "The Divine Liturgy (Sarum)" - the full Sarum Rite in English used in monasteries and missions in Australia, the Americas, and Europe. This Sarum use liturgy has also been translated into Spanish and French. The text is found in the Saint Colman Prayer Book, which also contains the English Liturgy, a pastiche of four different divergent texts from different historical periods: "derived from Sarum, 1549, 1718 etc., adapted using the rules authorised by the Holy Synod of Russia"(from the title page of the 'English Liturgy', Saint Colman Prayer Book', Saint Petroc Monastery, Tasmania 2003.) This privately published prayer book was begun as a project by Metropolitan Hilarion of Sydney in 1996, and carried out inside the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia by Saint Petroc Monastery from 1997 until 2003.
In North America, the Sarum Rite is also used in about half the American parishes of the [[Holy Synod of Milan]]. [[The Abbey of the Holy Name (West Milford, New Jersey)]] utilizes the full liturgical cycle of the Sarum use. Mount Royal monastery under [[Dom Augustine (Whitfield)]] had also prepared an 'Old English liturgy' after Sarum Use in previous decades. Currently Dom Augustine is cared for by a monastic of the Holy Synod of Milan.

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