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<BR>Feel free to visit my <font color="red"><I>Interlinear Greek-English Gospel of St. John</I></font color> at
<br>Sample of the Interlinear Gospel: (Note that the default font here is "Symbol" but the Interlinear Gospel uses an uncial fontas in the Codex Sinaiticus. Also, here you have to highlight the space after "Translation"--go ahead, try it! In the Interlinear Gospel, a simple mouse-over of the word "Translation" will turn it on automatically):
<br>1 <FONT FACE="Symbol">en arch hn o logoV, kai o logoV hn proV ton qeon, kai qeoV hn o logoV.</font>
<br>Translation: <font color="white">In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and/ God/ was/ the Word.</font color>

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